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For photographers built by photographers.

Finest handcrafted View Cameras

CHAMONIX uses only the finest materials to build rigid lightweight cameras:
Teak Wood, Carbon Fibre, Aluminum and Stainless Steel are combined with enthusiasm and true craftsmanship.

CHAMONIX screw-focus mechanism and stainless-steel focus track (moved on ball bearings) makes the cameras much more accurate and durable than traditional models.

CHAMONIX is the first camera manufacturer to combine wood and carbon fiber by heat pressing. The resulting composite material is used for the bed and focusing module. This is one of the key differences between Chamonix and traditional wooden cameras.

# NEW #     CHAMONIX 810V "Alpinist"     # NEW #

CHAMONIX View Cameras are available in various sizes from 4x5” to 20x24”

With CHAMONIX you can create unique pieces of ART

CHAMONIX cameras offer full creativity and precision: TILT – SHIFT – SWIVEL …

CHAMONIX offers a lot of useful accessories such as:

CHAMONIX Universal Bellows
(from 4x5” to 20x24”)

CHAMONIX View Finders
(for the 4x5 Camera)

CHAMONIX Lens Boards
(for various lenses / shutter sizes for each Camera size: 4x5, 5x7, 8x10,…) … made of carbon fibre.

CHAMONIX Film Holders
(all sizes from 4x5” to 20x24”) … sliders made of carbon fibre.

CHAMONIX innovation: „light weight and high quality“.

About us

The CHAMONIX View Camera manufacturer is actually a small workshop of eight experienced craftsmen located in the Land of the Rising Sun: Haining city of Zheijiang Province, China. The founder of the company is himself a Chinese photographer and mountaineer.

The mission is to design and build the lightest, most rigid and yet aesthetic cameras for large format landscape photographers. Chamonix can rightly claim to offer cameras designed by photographers for photographers.

In Europe CHAMONIX view cameras are exclusively distributed by probably the most renowned darkroom-specialist in the world. JOBO can look back at almost 100 years of photo tradition and has always stood for quality products with an innovative touch.

We believe that photos captured with a CHAMONIX view camera deserve the best film processing available. Processing Sheet Film in JOBO Expert Drums in a JOBO processor will lead to unrivaled quality results.

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You are welcome to schedule an appointment with JOBO International GmbH in Germany, near Cologne in order:

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to Test & Buy the Chamonix Product Range in the JOBO Studio & Darkroom.

JOBO and CHAMONIX form a strong partnership of complimentary products.

… for your best image

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